Friday, October 14, 2016

Realizations Enough to Make Changes

Mirror, Mirror like everything else, is a work in progress.  I have read all the "blogging tips to be successful" and much of it makeseems perfect sense.  However, this blog is designed to deal with the ordinary everyday and all us average joes, so that's where "Murphy's Law" comes.  If anything can go wrong, it will!

My focus for the ordinary everyday right now is on body, health,  and mind.  Families, men, women, and children are falling into unhealthy lifestyles as we are all well aware.  Thus, there is a rise of chronic illnesses and related diseases reaching epidemic PROPORTIONS!

Reflect on our foods and drinks.  Reflect on how much time we spend inside rather than outside. Realization is that it is up to us as individuals to make changes.  So, that is why the reflection in the mirror that I have seen lately reflects an image I need to change.

Realization change never comes easy :/  My everyday has a just become extraordinary because I choose to make changes :)

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