Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Kids TOP 10 excuses given NOT to get ready for school

The sound of falling rain and softly singing birds steadily gets louder and louder.  The sounds of the rain shatters my sleep.  I slide over the alarm silencing the graduating granduer of the birds. As I Slip into my slippers and sit up all in one stroke, my eyes adjust accordingly over the shadowy room.  Walking down to the kitchen, I pass the kid's bedroom, silently wishing it wasn't  a school  day.

The smell of coffee filters through the air.  I flip the up the blinds letting in the sunshine.  The brightness brings a smile to start the day.  As I dragged the blanket down, my fingers tickled her feet.  "Happy day!, its  sunny day!"... my hope for a pleasant return greeting met by grunts and groans.

"Good morning, sunshine..." I continued calmly.  Attempts to coax the children's cooperation and commence the day can be exasperating. I dread hearing the excuse after excuse why she can't get up, why she can't go to school, and what drama it is she can't face today.  He just rolls over and resumes his snoring.  After three additional order requests for breakfast desires, he decides to descend his bunk. The softly singing birds and sound of rain alarm tone seem relaxing in comparison.

So,what are the top excuses children complain about getting ready for school?

  1. "I'm tired"
  2. "I don't want to wear that!
  3. "My hair!"
  4. "I have homework"
  5. "Its raining out"
  6. "He doesn't like me!"
  7. "I don't want that for breakfast/lunch"
  8. "Don't rush me"

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